Thursday, February 21, 2013

I should get involved in the toy industry

just as a way to prevent the atrocities I stumble upon on a daily basis.
These are the animal themed foam tiles in the playroom:
A delightful little pony.
The cutest t-rex to ever petrify the inhabitants of the Cretaceous.
Aw, and elephant! Who doesn't like elephants? No one with a soul, that's who!
Annnnd the rabid antichrist bunny-demon/current host of the Eye of Sauron.
No one during the design, marketing, and manufacturing process of this set went "Hey guys, whats up with the bunny"? All normal little dot eyes, and BAM giant red Bunnicula orb.
I think someone at Munchkin Toys hates rabbits. Mmm hmm...
I'm currently fighting the urge to Sharpie in a little bloody slaver. I'm fightin' it hard.
Disclaimer: I have spent entirely too much time inside my home this week.


  1. The first thing I noticed about the rabbit were the huge hind legs!
    But yes, the eye is quite disturbing, too.

  2. The first thing I noticed is that the T-Rex has three fingers and not two, so I've decided it has to be an Allosaurus. We are dinosaur snobs obviously and nothing bothers my boys more than Rexy (from Toy Story) having 3 fingers, not 2.

    And then I was disturbed by that bunny, good crap it is freaky, huge legs, tiny ears, and a massive RED eye.Probably creepy enough an allosaurus would've left it alone even.