Saturday, April 27, 2013

Update on Genevieve.

Ok. First off, being the second kid rocks.
At nearly two, Payne said "car" and "diaper" and pretended to cook and use the computer.
G says "hi-ya!", "why", and "Oh yeah" and pretends to ninja spar while jumping on the bed.
Bat girl don't need no tiara.
I'm a little intimidated, not gonna lie.
Girls can rock the dinos too! (and yes, I put a bow in her hair for the span of 30 minutes between bath and bed)
She surprises me every day with new words and phrases. The ones I remember right now are:
- Ed-doh (Ethel)
- Day-ah (Stella)
- Yeh-yoh (yellow. Its the only color she knows or cares about. ha)
- Beh-eeeee! (Belly. Always said with her shirt up AND an exclamation point)
- Ack-ack (Back pack)
- Maow (milk)
- Yeah
- No
- Toes
-Soose (shoes)
- Eye
- Ow
- Mom
-Gnee gnee (Granny)
- Appy (Pappy)
- Daoh (dog)
- My (mine)
- Pea (please)
- Ah-oh (hello)
- Hi
- Uh oh
- Bow (all hair accessories are "bows")
-Pah-ee (Potty. Of course.)
Some phrases I've heard:
- She stumbled and clearly said "Whoa. I fah (fall)."
- If you tell her to come back for an item, she'll turn around and say "Oh yeah".
- One night Ethel walked by her and she said "Ed-doh, swee daoh" (Ethel, sweet dog). We always say that to Ethel because she is a bullet proof nanny dog, and my cold heart melted a bit when G repeated it.
She is getting SO BIG.
She's still my baby though, damnit.
Speaking of:
I really love bubbles.
You thought the era of the romper/bubble was over, eh?
I thought so too.
BUT THEN I discovered Gymboree carries a few up to a 3T, and Miniboden  and Janie and Jack run abnormally large.
We WILL have bubbles this summer, my friends.
I am victorious.
So she looks a little evil, but...BUBBLE!
I love bubbles.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New beds for all.

Well, technically non of them are new.

Repurposed beds for all just doesn't sound as exciting.

Payne was outgrowing the toddler bed and the crib converts into a bed, so Dan and I had to COMMIT to a COMPLETE TURNOVER OF BEDS in our house.  Scary business.

So I bought Payne new bedding, and a mattress, and box springs.

Then Dan converted the crib.

Then we realized that the crib converts to a full bed, not a twin.

So I said "f*ck" and ran out of the house to go exchange the mattress and box springs.

I returned at 8pm, so Dan could finish the bed:

There was much rejoicing:
Payne went to bed. I put G in bed and she was all "Yeah. No."
BUT she cried for about 20 minutes and that was it! They both slept through the night.  This is the second recorded shockingly easy bed transition in my family's short history. Woo hoo!
I will admit I have no issues locking babies in bedrooms though.  Until they're potty trained they have no need to be able to access the rest of the house while I'm watching mindless television or unconscious. I think my heartlessness on this issue helps smooth things along a bit. Muah ha ha.
Actually, it would be pretty awesome to still be able to lock Payne in his room. 
I think I'm going to start a campaign to return to the time honored tradition of the chamber pot.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Genevieve has finally named me.

She calls me...



Mom? MOM?!

I don't even get the obligatory year of "mama" and the following precious years of "Mommy"?

She speaks like 20 words, nearly all of which are only gross approximations of words, EXCEPT for "Mom".


Oh, and also, Payne came home with this on Thursday:

He named it Mommy.
See? My shame is written right there on the styrofoam for all of preschool to see; staff, students, and room moms alike.
Listen Son, my personal appearance between the hours of 6 and 8 a.m. is supposed to be a closely guarded secret between you and myself.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Odds and Ends.

I was wandering by the T.V. stand the other day, all business as usual, when an odd color was picked up in my peripheral vision. I stopped to investigate:
I KNEW Genevieve didn't eat those carrots sticks. Blast.
Quite possibly the cutest thing ever:
She slept the whole way home with a death grip on her prize. Upon our arrival I had to pry her tiny fingers open to prevent the balloon/asphyxiation trap from taking a nap with her in her crib.
Right before bath G decided she was going to try out this potty business:
Juuuuust like her brother does.
(I love that she noted his ingenious t-shirt preservation technique)
Some practical difficulties were immediately discovered.
The dog leash got left out:
This meant hours of playtime.
Dangerous, dangerous, playtime.
(The leash got put up after I found Payne the dog sporting this festive noose)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm sorry I've been absent!

Well, my last post was published at 3 a.m. because I was up with a sick kiddo.

Then I got sick.

Then Dan got sick.

Then we pawned off our still slightly sick kids on family so we could go here:

To see this:

And do this:

Which we got to do because Dan got flown in as the photographer for a destination wedding.
So take back every time I've whined about the camera clutter in the office.
Then we came back home to kids with a new sickness (after they had passed the first sickness onto my poor Dad. Sorry Dad!).
Since then I've been tackling this:

And this:

I'm caught up now, so I'll be back to regular blogging.

Well, I'm not caught up with the hair. Never the hair.  I'm convinced it's made of silk thin strands of Teflon.