Saturday, April 27, 2013

Update on Genevieve.

Ok. First off, being the second kid rocks.
At nearly two, Payne said "car" and "diaper" and pretended to cook and use the computer.
G says "hi-ya!", "why", and "Oh yeah" and pretends to ninja spar while jumping on the bed.
Bat girl don't need no tiara.
I'm a little intimidated, not gonna lie.
Girls can rock the dinos too! (and yes, I put a bow in her hair for the span of 30 minutes between bath and bed)
She surprises me every day with new words and phrases. The ones I remember right now are:
- Ed-doh (Ethel)
- Day-ah (Stella)
- Yeh-yoh (yellow. Its the only color she knows or cares about. ha)
- Beh-eeeee! (Belly. Always said with her shirt up AND an exclamation point)
- Ack-ack (Back pack)
- Maow (milk)
- Yeah
- No
- Toes
-Soose (shoes)
- Eye
- Ow
- Mom
-Gnee gnee (Granny)
- Appy (Pappy)
- Daoh (dog)
- My (mine)
- Pea (please)
- Ah-oh (hello)
- Hi
- Uh oh
- Bow (all hair accessories are "bows")
-Pah-ee (Potty. Of course.)
Some phrases I've heard:
- She stumbled and clearly said "Whoa. I fah (fall)."
- If you tell her to come back for an item, she'll turn around and say "Oh yeah".
- One night Ethel walked by her and she said "Ed-doh, swee daoh" (Ethel, sweet dog). We always say that to Ethel because she is a bullet proof nanny dog, and my cold heart melted a bit when G repeated it.
She is getting SO BIG.
She's still my baby though, damnit.
Speaking of:
I really love bubbles.
You thought the era of the romper/bubble was over, eh?
I thought so too.
BUT THEN I discovered Gymboree carries a few up to a 3T, and Miniboden  and Janie and Jack run abnormally large.
We WILL have bubbles this summer, my friends.
I am victorious.
So she looks a little evil, but...BUBBLE!
I love bubbles.

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