Thursday, April 25, 2013

New beds for all.

Well, technically non of them are new.

Repurposed beds for all just doesn't sound as exciting.

Payne was outgrowing the toddler bed and the crib converts into a bed, so Dan and I had to COMMIT to a COMPLETE TURNOVER OF BEDS in our house.  Scary business.

So I bought Payne new bedding, and a mattress, and box springs.

Then Dan converted the crib.

Then we realized that the crib converts to a full bed, not a twin.

So I said "f*ck" and ran out of the house to go exchange the mattress and box springs.

I returned at 8pm, so Dan could finish the bed:

There was much rejoicing:
Payne went to bed. I put G in bed and she was all "Yeah. No."
BUT she cried for about 20 minutes and that was it! They both slept through the night.  This is the second recorded shockingly easy bed transition in my family's short history. Woo hoo!
I will admit I have no issues locking babies in bedrooms though.  Until they're potty trained they have no need to be able to access the rest of the house while I'm watching mindless television or unconscious. I think my heartlessness on this issue helps smooth things along a bit. Muah ha ha.
Actually, it would be pretty awesome to still be able to lock Payne in his room. 
I think I'm going to start a campaign to return to the time honored tradition of the chamber pot.

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