Saturday, November 6, 2010

I have to brag.

My kid is a rock star sleeper. He started sleeping through the night at less than 2 months old, and has never looked back. He sleeps through illness and teething and growth spurts. He sleeps 13-14 hours per night.

Heck, last night we had a Mom and Dad FAIL moment because we went out to buy his toddler bed at 6:30 pm. We thought "Oh, we'll just get it home, toss it together, and he'll be in bed by 8". Uh, no. It took us over two hours to assemble the new bed, disassemble his crib, and baby proof his room, so Payne didn't get into bed until after 9. He STILL, even with a new bed, and probably being overtired, went right to sleep and hasn't peeped (it's now 8 am).

(Photos of him being the best baby ever last night)

(His faithful sidekick. I bet she's already plotting morning snuggles)

He also regularly takes a 3 hour nap. He must really love his Mother, or have undiagnosed narcolepsy. Either way, I'm running with it.

I consider Payne's unbeatable sleep habits repayment for his lifelong pattern of pooping 4 to 5 times per day, and as frequently as possible in public. I swear, for him, people watching somehow equates to reading the newspaper.

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  1. He looks so big in that toddler bed! And, he really is a sleeping rockstar.

    Rachel, I think you wrote one of the funniest lines I've ever read. "...people watching somehow equates to reading the newspaper." Hilarious!