Monday, November 15, 2010

He loves baby wipes.

If anyone reading this hasn't had a child yet, go ahead and buy some stock in the baby wipe companies. My shameless consumption of wipes is kind of insane. Payne has picked up on my habit, and contributes quite nicely

If I hand him a wipe he'll scrub down his spot at the table, wipe off his hands, and wipe his own face.

Once, I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing dried milk drips off of the hardwood with wipes, and he was following me around on his hands and knees, assisting. I was thinking at the time it'd be freaking awesome if he stopped spiking his sippy cup so that he wouldn't have to help me clean all of the fossilized milk chips of of the floor, but whatev.

The other night I was giving Ethel a baby wipe bath, and Payne climbed up onto the couch with me, laid Puppy across his lap, and proceeded to give Puppy a thorough scrub down as well. I'm kind of jealous that Puppy doesn't freak out through the whole thing like Ethel does. Maybe my next dog will be plush. Hmm...

During one of his naps, he raided the diaper/wipe section of his dresser, and piled up 4 or 5 packages of wipes onto his bed. He'd tried to open them, but they were still sealed closed, thank goodness! I can only imagine what his diabolical wipe plans were.

And my very personal favorite, I once saw him set Piggy on his back on the coffee table, lift up Piggy's legs, and very gently, with a look of complete concentration, wipe Piggy's butt.

(and a random baby butt to brighten your day. heh heh)

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