Sunday, November 7, 2010

My name is Rachel, and I have a Gymboree problem.

(shaky sigh)

It first started when I had friends who were pregnant. The cute matching themes and appliques where most brands would screen print dragged me in. Then things progressed after Payne was born. The softness of the sleepers seemed so alluring, and the little boy's stuff was babyish without being dorky.

Now, It's really starting to affect my daily life. I find myself checking the store website compulsively, and people are starting to recognize my habit. I have to throw away my Gymbucks, or I end up blowing my clothing budget!

(sob) I'm so ashamed.

(Yes, he was looking through the racks. He also picks up the price tag, glances at it, and then moves on.)

Gosh. It seems so much worse when I put my stash on display like this.

Friends, I hope, with your love and support, I can beat this thing.

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