Friday, November 19, 2010

A boy and his dog, and a string of minor calamities.

Ethel helped me get Payne up yesterday morning.

He was too cute. She was "sitting pretty" by his bed (it's that bolt upright sit dachshunds do when they want something) and I showed him the signal to let her up, which is patting the mattress. He did it all by himself and was thrilled when she obeyed him.

In other news, Payne has had a bit of a rough week. He fell and chipped the edge of one of his front teeth on Monday, and then last night he fell into my parents' coffee table right on his ear and essentially pierced it. Fun times.

He went to the pediatric dentist for the tooth, and all is fine. It'll get smoothed out a little bit at his next cleaning. I don't think the ear needs any real attention. It looks like a pretty clean cut. Some policeman were giving me a thorough observation at a restaurant later though! Geez, you can't take a kid with a bloodied ear and a chipped tooth anywhere! Some people...heh heh. I guess I passed inspection, because they let me leave without talking to me.

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