Monday, November 22, 2010

I wonder what is going on in a child's mind...

when they opt to sleep on their bedroom floor, so close to the bed as to actually have their legs underneath it, instead of on a nice mattress with clean sheets and a pillow?

Lets reconstruct the scenario for a moment:

(Payne is playing on the floor)

Kick. Kick. "Man, my eyelids are getting heavy. Ooh look! My legs fit under the bed!" Yawn. "I wonder where puppies come from. I wonder when I'll get to eat some cheese again." Rubs eyes. "I really like my blanket. I..." Soft snoring.

This must be sort of the cognitive equivalent of the narcoleptic dachshund.

At least, the end result is pretty similar.

This post brought to you by a sneak peek into Payne's room during his nap on Saturday.

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