Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to my weeblet!

I can't explain the nickname. It just happened. I'm sorry Payne.

It's amazing how much has changed in two years.

He's made an amazing journey from this sweet squishy little ball of baby,

To this amazing little boy!

We are so lucky to have an awesome, healthy wee dude in our lives. I thank God for that every day.

Since we already had Payne's party, and Dan was out of town for work, I was a little worried that the boy's 2nd birthday would be kind of a bummer. So, I devised a master plan to make the day fun.

Step one: A candle in his morning "munnin" (muffin).

Step two: A trip to Toys R Us to "pick out" a toy with a gift card from his great grandparents. In other words, I perused while he played with a toy cell phone that I pulled off of a shelf so his head wouldn't explode. Then, I tossed in some play wood that he was too little for when we got it with a play set last year.

Here he is enjoying the spoils.

Step Three: A lunch involving both sausage and cheese. This would thrill anyone, right?

He saw me making it and was anxiously waiting for it to get done.

Step Four: A dinner of macaroni and cheese out with Granny and Pappy. He took his new drill and his old drill. I must say, he does a pretty good Rambo impression.

And then, he got the very best birthday present of all. Daddy came home!!!

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