Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The saga continues...

I KNEW I shouldn't have bragged about how awesomely Payne sleeps.
(shakes fist at Karma)

I found Payne camped out thusly, this a.m.

Let's see, two blankets wet from being sucked on all night, Piggy, his pillow, his comforter (wadded up behind him), a copy of The Very Busy Spider, and a Raggedy Andy doll. I really don't know if he's sleeping there, or in his bed! At some point during the night he wanders around and accrues various trinkets, then shoves them all in the nook behind his bedroom door and waits for me to open it .

And forget naps. We've probably got a 30% nap success rate at best right now. At least he finally ripped off his door stopper during his nap today, so I don't have a constantly boinging reminder that he isn't sleeping at any given moment. heh heh.

To make up for his nocturnal kleptomania, he did something super cute today. Ethel was in his room with us while we were in the middle of a sock war (it had been a long day, don't judge me!) and he stopped sqealing and throwing socks at me long enough to yell "Ed-dow! Mine!" (Awwww....sniffle). Then I started petting Ethel and he said "sare?" (share) and started petting her too. He completed his heart melting performace by giving her a hug.

I swear, a kid can pretty much figuratively flip you the bird for an entire day, and if they do something sweet like that at the end of it, you forget everything else.

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