Monday, April 15, 2013

Odds and Ends.

I was wandering by the T.V. stand the other day, all business as usual, when an odd color was picked up in my peripheral vision. I stopped to investigate:
I KNEW Genevieve didn't eat those carrots sticks. Blast.
Quite possibly the cutest thing ever:
She slept the whole way home with a death grip on her prize. Upon our arrival I had to pry her tiny fingers open to prevent the balloon/asphyxiation trap from taking a nap with her in her crib.
Right before bath G decided she was going to try out this potty business:
Juuuuust like her brother does.
(I love that she noted his ingenious t-shirt preservation technique)
Some practical difficulties were immediately discovered.
The dog leash got left out:
This meant hours of playtime.
Dangerous, dangerous, playtime.
(The leash got put up after I found Payne the dog sporting this festive noose)

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