Monday, March 25, 2013

Genevieve's temper tantrum.

Oh yes. We have reached that age.

I am completely untouched by the tantrum.  Payne regularly passed out during his as a young toddler, so frankly, nothing can top that.

It IS pretty funny though.

Genevieve takes an entirely different approach. When she doesn't get her way, she turns into one of these:

Do you remember? You push the button on the bottom and all of the structural integrity of the little jointed man just disappears. His head flops forward, his arms fall, and he rapidly slumps down completely.

That is precisely how it goes down in this house.

"No. You can't have my water bottle." is promptly followed by this:


The head tilts to the side and rolls back, the arms drop down, she bends at the waist and knees in complete despair.  She usually manages to stumble over to the nearest raised surface so she can allow herself to pitch forward onto it, her head in her hands. She weeps bitterly at her poor fortune in being born to such a monstrous family of sadists.
Then of course, she has to sneak a peek at you with one tear filled eye, just to make sure you're aware of the depths of her angst.
She is unamused that we are not brought to tears at this heart wrenching spectacle, but moved to laughter instead. What perverse sense of humour is AMUSED by this display of complete suffering?
One day she will write her memoirs and we will all pay.

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  1. Excellent writing! And adorable kiddo :)