Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Funny things Payne says:

- This is his last week of school. I was explaining to him that he is going to a different preschool in the fall. He asked "What is my new school's name?".

I said "Holy Cross."

His response: "Holey Cwocs? My Cwocs have holes. Is it a Cwoc school?"

Yes. Yes it is, son.

- Today he ran to the bathroom, started peeing, and then said to himself "Whew! Dat was a cwose one."

- He still calls Genevieve "widdle wady". I die of cute each and every time.

- When Dan is gone, Payne explains that he is in "Okahoma" and after a thoughtful pause always adds "Okahoma is full of homes".

He's the best. Really.

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