Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally done with Genevieve's room!

I finally put the finishing touch in Evie's room today, and I got all jazzed for some validation, so I'm putting photos up here.

The view from the door:

Changing table wall:

Crib wall: I ended up putting our old rocker in here because, well, the recliner is unforgivably ugly.

I pretty much only use the rocker when I sit in here and pump. Moo.

The blanket draped over the table was a lovely gift from a friend, the stuffed rabbit came from my parents, and the silver bunny bank came from Dan's parents.I'm so glad I went with bunnies in her room. There is so much cute bunny stuff!

Facing the hallway:

This is what I finished today. It contains her hospital footprints and bracelet, the hat she wore right after she was born, and her coming home outfit.

Also, some random cell phone photos from this morning:

He was so proud to help. Aww...

She bears a definite resemblance to the woodland creature on her onesie. Hee hee!

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