Thursday, August 25, 2011

Highlights of my day thus far:

- Waking up to the baby crying, only to realize my leg was asleep. Like, dead weight, no feeling, asleep. I moved it and waited for a smidgen of feeling to return for a couple of minutes, but a newborn's cry is hard to just let go on. The second I felt like my leg could hold weight I hopped to and lurched in a manner reminiscent of Quasimodo to her room, laughing at myself the whole way.

- Hearing Payne talk about going to the "why-birdy" (library). This is especially hilarious because he refuses to say the word "bird" in context. He still calls birds "dirps". I guess his bias against the b-i-r-d syllable only extends to the description of winged beasts.

- Putting Genevieve into an outfit that her Daddy picked out months and months ago. (sniffle)

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