Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Attack of the redistributors.


My children. They are little beasts of disorganization.
I cannot tell you how many things they have lost.
The items that are currently at the top of my list:
- The remote control. For two years. (I think I already whined about this one though)
- The baby monitor speaker. I slept with Genevieve's door open for a week, which was a miserable experiment with a light sleeper.  Then she pulled it out of the "washing machine" in her play kitchen, along with a dirty diaper (fortunately, it was bagged).
- I search for and occasionally locate sippy cups at least five times daily. They are always found top down, in a puddle of their own liquidy contents.
-I find things like this:
(They messed with the coffee maker. They are dead to me.)
- I lost a pair of Paynes flip flops for four months. They were found at the bottom of the wrapping paper organizer thingie.  Now that he has pretty much grown out of them, of course.
- I thought one of the dogs had peed in Payne's room in a spot I couldn't find...for months.  Then I opened up a rarely used drawer in his dresser and found a used Pull Up. Yeah, I know....
It's gotten to the point where we know most of their hiding places.  If something goes missing we immediately check just outside of the doggy door on the patio, the cutting board cabinet, the ottoman with built in storage, the battery drawer, the play washing machine,  behind the glass doors in the entertainment center, etc.
I still missed the entire cup of blueberries that lived (and I mean lived) inside of a plastic barn shaped lunch box in Payne's closet....for 6 months.
And with that lovely mental image, I shall leave you for the day.

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  1. That picture of them in the monster costumes is perfect!