Monday, December 24, 2012

Unassociated thoughts and photos.

G has definitely reached the age of the lovie:
Shamelessly mackin' on Creepy Dalmatian Baby.
There's a posse now. Creepy Tiger Baby, Creepy Dalmatian Baby, and Creepy Bunnydogwecan'tfigureitout Baby.
I fully expect to wake in the middle of the night to the three of them poised over me, just watching me with their flat little eyes.
Man, I loved this toy as a kid: 
That whole "play upon the emotions of those entering their 30's and charge twice as much" thing? Totally effective.
Her hair is long enough for low pig tails! 
Yes. I dressed her like a human Christmas cookie. 
What the hell is this?
I'm in for a good decade of fearing my children's toys, apparently.
Payne now uses my spare shades when he wants me to "Frow deh sun away."
He has also started classifying cheese. There is "moving cheese" and "not moving cheese". Chips and "moving cheese" are his frequent request. Ha.
Yep. He made himself a nice bed in Genevieve's new toy box. 
He also asked me to lock him into his dress up box today. I refused.
And he tried to talk me into locking him in the dog kennel.
To quote the illustrious Hank Hill "Seven a.m. and already that boy ain't right."

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