Sunday, July 8, 2012

I love them.

The other morning, Payne refused his breakfast, yelling "I dohn WANT my bredast cookie!".

I ignored. He furtively pushed it off of the arm of his chair.

It became very silent.

I looked up from my coffe cup as a result of the aforementioned silence, to find this:

Sneaky cookie snarfer, that one.

Of course Payne was incensed and insisted that he did indeed want that cookie and he would die without it now. Heh.

Payne aquired a new friend, Filmore:

I packed Filmore up for church this morning, and Payne then requested him. When I informed him that Filmore would be waiting to re-emerge until we were at church, he responded with "But turch is bad! Jesus wihw steahw Fihwmore, and then I wihw be MAD."

So I guess Jesus loves Volkswagons...

This afternoon Payne emerged from his nap ready for action:

Then Filmore was located and he scored some random Snapfish stickers:

and then he drew all over his legs with my pen. Heh.

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