Monday, July 16, 2012

Things parents consume at an alarming rate:

1) Plasticware.

I have no idea how anyone raised a child before the era of petroleum products.

No. Idea.

2) Paper towels.

Oh God, the paper towels. I can't remember the last time I had the honor of finishing a roll. They always get shoplifted out of the kitchen whilst I am unaware and disposed of. Payne once engineered a paper towel road through the kitchen, down the entry way, and through the family room while I was (apparently very focused on) doing the dishes.

3) Dairy products.

I'm fairly certain there's a cow somewhere out there with our last name stamped on it's withers. Both of my children have an ardent love for milk, cheese, and yogurt. Payne is roughly 80% dairy.

"Ma, I know cheese, and what's between these two crackers ain't it."

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