Saturday, September 15, 2012

Photo time.

Dinosaurs need fiber too.
She has started paying attention to cartoons. I'm saved!
Oh, and that's her breakfast time "please keep your effing scrambled eggs out of your effing hair" sumo wrestler bun.
Trying to get a photo of both of them. They both opted to direct their attention towards their true loves instead (Creepy Tiger Baby and figher jet).
I thought about something the other day.  Creepy Tiger Baby probably isn't machine washable, unless I want Creepy Tiger Baby not to have eyes anymore. I sense some difficult decisions approaching.  Horrifying appearance or horrifying smell? Hmm...
I tried again and got G staring lovingly at the ceiling, because ANYTHING is more entertaining than Mommy.
I love sneaking a look back there and seeing this.
I (stupidly) give them fruit pouches in the car.  Payne does fine. G obviously tends to go all Jackson Pollock on me.  I would clean her carseat but A) That would require effort, and B) The preschool teachers can't see the grossness when they buckle Payne into his seat, because her butt is hiding it. Go me!
These are the second cutest baby accessories on record; outdone only by the legendary pom pom ear beanie of 2011.
Even better, they were cheap! I got them at Target, although I had to go to four locations before I found some in stock (Yes, that is what I choose to do with my time).

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