Friday, September 21, 2012

We have a climber.

I love how babies learn to climb about 3.5 seconds after they learn to walk.
She's climbing couches:


(Yep. I took a photo instead of preventing a potential head injury)


(Payne was getting a haircut, not a shave. Heh)
Could she look any more proud of herself?
Naturally, all of this climbing has increased her mischief capability by several orders of magnitude...
"If I put the paper back on the table exactly as it was, they'll never know. It's fool proof!"

And her new favorite thing in the world is sneaking into Payne's room and climbing up onto his bed:
 One slight issue.  She doesn't know how to climb back down, even though his bed is probably 8 inches off of the ground.

I'll be doing things around the house and hear "ah.........Ah!...AH!" gradually increasing in both frequency and urgency, until I figure out the baby has marooned herself again.  It's gotten so common I actually send Payne in there to "Howp Gee-vive down".

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