Sunday, January 6, 2013

Funny kid sayings of the week:

-The other night Payne popped bright eyed into the office, long after he had been in bed.

It went something like this:

Payne: "Mommy! Daddy! Supping woke me up!"

Me: "What, Payne?"

Payne: "Supping runned up inside my eyyyyeeees."

Dan: (picks Payne up) "What is in your eyes?"

Payne: "Buuut it was full of pepper, and full of strings, but it wasn't full of poop."

Dan: (suppressing a laugh) "You have a lot of energy don't you son."

Payne: (blink, blink)

Dan: "Lots of energy"

Payne: (Heavy sigh)

(I'm laughing silently in the corner)

Dan: "It's time to go back to bed."

Payne: "I need supping to make my eyes OPEN (un-pinches his thumb and index finger) and CWOSE (closes thumb and index finger in dramatic fashion).

(I escort Payne to bed)

Payne: "Seeee? My wady bug helps me to see, and..."

(I shut the door on him mid-sentence)

- This morning Genevieve ran up to Dan and fiercely hugged his knees while chanting "Miiiine. Miiiiine. Miiiiine."

- Also, there's this commercial on right now that shows some antelope. Payne asked us once what they were called, and now when he sees the commercial he shouts "HEY! There's the cantaloupes!"

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