Sunday, January 13, 2013

I should not reproduce again.

They appear to increase in diabolical-ness with the increase in birth order number.

First off, she has decided to be a tub pooper. Four times in the last week.

Since I have an interest in avoiding gagging while scrubbing the tub nightly, I started a "toss the baby in the tub and scrub her down with a level of speed and urgency that would be implemented while bathing a live grenade" policy, instead of letting her play in the water.

Well, tonight I got her squared away after bath, turned around to clean up her room while Payne enjoyed some splash time, and heard:

"Mooooom! Gee-vive got all weeeeeet!"
Stinker. She is 100% stinker.
Did I mention I'd already lotioned her up?

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