Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Stink Face.

Genevieve, following the illustrious model lain down by her brother, has developed her own "eff yeah!" face.

The difference is that hers shows up at a precise moment; the moment when she's caught doing something she isn't supposed to do. 

Theoretically, when your kid climbs up on the table and leans precariously over the edge, they look sort of alarmed when you start screaming and frantically waving yours arms in their general direction.

Not this one:

(Ooh, a double whammy. On the table AND a stolen remote.)

The nakedness was not her fault. It was sheperd's pie night. The polar bear romper may never recover. (hums Taps)

She's a stinker. Thus, The Stink Face.

And also, she's incredibly dramatic.  Like, "I'm ashamed at the fulfillment of gender stereotypes" dramatic.

Yesterday evening, Dan and I were sitting on the couch discussing his day.  A wild and desperate shrieking began emanating from Genevieve's bedroom.

I continued talking. Actually, I didn't even really hear it.  Scream deafness is epidemic amongst mothers of young children.  That's why normal civilians can have their entire meal ruined by a toddler in a restaurant, while the child's parents merrily carry on with their meal. It's not that the parents don't care about the people around them. They genuinely have lost a cerebral knowledge that sounds in a certain decibel range are being produced. It's go deaf, or kennel the offspring. Evolution at work, my friends.

Where was I? Oh right.

Dan interrupted me with "Are you going to go see if she's ok? She's screaming like she's hurt or something".

Um yeah, she does that all day long. Actually, going to check on her each time might be a pretty good substitute for a cardio program. for thought.

So I haul my booty off of the couch to see why my baby is making sounds that would indicated she has a limb or two hanging by a thread.

The answer?

Payne wouldn't let her open her own sock drawer. Yep.

Her "I want bunny grahams" scream and her "I've just concussed myself" scream are identical. 

I foresee this causing a few gravely incorrect assumptions throughout her childhood.  Maybe we should just go ahead and make a bi-yearly standing pediatrician appointment to check for overlooked broken limbs...

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  1. The scream deafness epidemic... love it. So funny and so true!