Monday, December 5, 2011

I've been remiss

I've posted very few photos of Payne lately. However, he's spending 80% of his time in a t-shirt and Thomas the Train themed skivvies these days, so I'm not entirely comfortable putting him out there all Risky Business.

Yesterday evening Payne was in one of his post nap precarious emotional states. He first had a melt down about not wanting to wear pants, or maybe it was wanting to wear them? Who knows. Either way, there was a breakdown. He seemed to cheer a little when he decided he was going to pick out Genevieve's "wainbow".

Then he came out with this one:

Why hello there, Minnie.

I tried to convince him something a little smaller might be appropriate, but if my hands inched towards Genevieve's noggin to remove the offending accessory, Payne's face would screw up, his mouth would begin to contort in protest, and that dreaded tea kettle whistle that precedes a wail would start to make an appearance.

So I told myself "Rachel, it's not worth it." and left the wardrobe tragedy be. As I stepped back to accept defeat, Payne huffed in a satisified manner "Dere. Now her a guhl (girl)."

Well, I never.

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  1. I've learned to divide my fights into biggies and smallies. I would have done what you did--said it's a smallie, leave the bow. I love your blog--you crack me up. And, I'm trying to remind myself that I can.get.out with only 1 child! You have 2--I admire you so much. I usually say forget it and stay home.