Monday, December 19, 2011

My dog is sabotaging me.

Genevieve is a lighter sleeper. I tried to break her of this, but I failed. The other night I accidentally woke her up from her bed while putting Payne's toys away in the family room (damn you clattery megablocks!). Therefore, I nearly close her door during her naps.

SOME DOG (probably Ethel) keeps nudging the door wide open. I'm assuming Ethel goes in there to "check on her", since she has the misguided notion that she needs to help me care for my children. How she is checking on her I don't know, since G is three feet off the ground and Ethel is approximately 8 inches tall. OR perhaps, Ethel judges my parenting choices and firmly feels that her door should be open.

Anyway, I want her to STOP IT.

Also, while getting ready for bed the other night I saw this:

Do you see it?


I want to know how he got it in there without breaking something or hurting himself.


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