Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Events of note.

This took thirty seconds:

And I wonder why Post-its always make my grocery list...

I looked up one morning and saw this:

(love the "Heck yeah! Rock on!" face here)

I said "holy crap!" snapped a photo, and texted it to Dan.

Then, I looked up and saw this:

So I yelled "Holy crap. Don't fall!" snapped a photo, and texted it to Dan.


We went to the zoo to see the new animatronic dino exhibit:

I'm all "smile kids!" and they're all "Uh, Ma? WE'RE GONNA DIE."

I love them,

especially when they're asleep.

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  1. I've never commented before mostly because I just lurk on ML and found your blog and think it's funny. Seeing your son with all the post it notes made me think of a funny prank we pulled in college- putting post its all over our friend's stuff in their dorm room. Maybe he's just practicing for evil doings in the future. ;)