Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Little Gila Monster...

There's no mistaking it. Little Girl is mobile.

and as you can see, she gets around in the manner of a very large lizard.

There are a few things I've remembered since she has taken to "across the house" exploits.

A) She wants to do what the big kids do:

She thinks she's hot stuff at the playground these days, as I internally cringe at the grossness of the carpet and keep a sharp eye out for four year olds rocketing towards her on feet to big for the rest of them.

B) My dogs should probably be sainted.

She was laughing and slapping Ethel on the rump here.

C) The golden rule of child rearing:

Silence is bad. Always.

I realized I hadn't heard any noises in about 3 minutes, went to investigate, and found her stealthily snarfing business cards as fast as she could manage.

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