Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Genevieve is ten months old,

and she has a pretty new dress to show for it!

Heh heh. Her first curtsey...

She is turning into such a little person.  Baby G has four teeth, is pulling up to standing, going from laying down to sitting up on her own, and has taught herself how to crawl on hands and knees, although she still prefers an army crawl.  She insists on eating what we eat, and rarely allows us to even break it into smaller pieces anymore.  Her favorite foods are french fries and super processed white bread, like hot dog buns etcetera. Yes, I'm an early childhood nutritional god. Bow to my superior parenting.

(Clears throat)

I decided to take a photo of her doing the same thing that Payne was doing in his 10 month photo, so here is the comparison:

Squeeeeeeee! Look at the tiny Payne!

She looks like a toddler now.


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