Friday, May 11, 2012

How many MacGyver references is one allowed in a lifetime?

The other night, I was peacefully curled up, reading in my favorite ugly recliner, when a movement across the room caught my eye.

I glanced up and saw this:

See the little round thing poking out from behind the wall? The one with a kid's arm attached to it? That is a mirror from a baby toy, which my son located in his room and was actually using to spy on me.

I should probably comb his room for any objects with shiv potential...

Additionally, I have been missing a pair of nail clippers. No big deal, you say? I would argue that yes, it is a big deal. Everyone has their weirdo things and one of my weirdo things is that I hate all of the nail clippers in my house except for this certain one. I was incensed when I had to cut the kids nails (twice) with lesser hardware, and I was positive that Dan had taken my preferred clippers out of the bowl that they lived in (and I threatened to harm anyone who moved them from their home base bowl) just to mess with me.

Then, Payne came to me one evening with an old tin that I believe once contained a gift card. He wanted to show me his "tings".

So...important tools for future use, in Payne's world, include a large metal screw, one half of a clothespin, and my very favorite nail clippers.

Perhaps he's been tipped of regarding an upcoming zombie apocalypse and this will all come in very handy. Who knows.

I totally waited until he went to bed and then stole my precious clippers back.

Don't you judge me.

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