Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ah, the mind of a three year old.

The other day we were reading a book and Payne described the following picture as such:

"Dis a picture of a mouse putting a swing (string) in a bassek (basket) and he getting some pop corns!"

Man, I love their little brains, all free of the bindings of conventional knowledge and stuff.

Some more of his little sayings that make me remember how cute he can be:

- "My want to wear it on!"

- "Gee-vive! You're kiwwing (killing) me!" as in, she's being annoying. Who do you think he learned that from? Hmm...

- "Mommy, I put dat dere for a weason."

Three has been rough on us, but Lordy do I love this kid.

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  1. Three was rough with Gustin, too. Four was MUCH better. Even with all their antics, these boys sure are lovable. :)