Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Photos.

Ha! I insisted on taking this photo before I changed Payne after church because I very cheesily matched Dan and Payne's shirts on Father's Day. Dan was so kind as to let me. Unfortunately the only photo I got was a little goofy.

I was remiss in getting a picture of Mike (Dan's dad), Dan, and Payne all together while we were at their house for lunch on Sunday. Sorry Mike! I promise to correct that the next time we get together.



Here we have my Dad, brandishing his Father's Day cookie cake, with eyes deftly averted to the U.S. Open playing on the T.V. behind the camera. Payne is posing in an oh so charming fashion with his toy pliers poised to attack his own nose, wearing his Ewok shirt and no pants. AND in the bottom left corner there you see Hannah (the resident dachshund) eyeing that giant cookie and preparing to make an attack if it lowers by even the slightest of margins. I feel like I should sent this in to

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