Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some more funny moments.

Last night, Payne went swimming with my Mom after dinner. My Dad and I were sitting on the patio watching them when Payne turned to my Dad and yelled "Pappy! You put on 'wim biper (swim diaper) too? Corn (come on)!". So yeah Dad...where are you swim diapers anyway? Heh heh.

Today Payne and I were in the car, and he looked over at some empty train tracks that are familiar to him. He excitedly said "Der twain go! Twain working!". It took me a good few minutes to realize that he equated the term "working" with being gone, because I always tell him that "Daddy is working" when Dan is out of town and Payne asks where he is. So, he was saying that the train was gone too. I can't decide if this is funny or depressing!

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