Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're so cool.

Weird photo, I know.

So this morning I cut my ankle shaving. You know that spot on the back of your ankle where the tiniest nick will result in Monty Python and the Holy Grail worthy gore? I cut that spot, and all I had at my disposal were Buzz Lightyear Band Aids, so I slapped one on with every intention of taking it off before I left the house.

When I got Payne up the first thing he noticed was "Mama Band Aid!" and he wanted one too, on "mine toe!" . I mistakenly put his bandage on his foot close to his toe as I thought he requested. This was NOT satisfactory and much sadness ensued until I realized he wanted his Buzz where my Buzz was.

Then I left the house for a playdate, naturally forgetting I was wearing Pixar themed first aid. I noticed once we got there and promptly took it off. Well that cut was STILL bleeding (what on earth is so important back there that requires such an impressive blood supply? Anyone know?). I'm pretty sure in most public play areas it's frowned upon to bleed all over the equipment, so I begged a Band Aid off of my kid. At first he refused, muttering "No danks." when I asked for his Buzz. But when I pouted and showed him my "Boo boo" he reluctantly held up his foot so I could steal it. Sweet boy.

And yeah, I now own some flesh colored Band Aids. heh heh.

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