Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few unassociated thoughts.

Payne got reeeaaally into the Father's Day shopping this year. Meaning he took his Grandpa's present and dragged it all over the floor of the mall at warp speed (thus, the blurry photo). I had to abscond the bag after he used it to take a swing at an innocent and somewhat amused 11 year old.

I have now been told by both the Gymboree saleswoman and the Gymboree Outlet saleswoman that I "come here all the time!". Ah crap. I think I need an intervention, and I'm seriously considering figuring out when the normal retail shift change goes down so I can dodge my usual salespeople. Quit shopping there you say? What? I think you're breaking up... Listen, I have to go.

Payne has taken his energy level to a whole new high in the last month or so. It's getting slightly alarming. I can let him run from sunup to sundown and he's still bouncing off of the walls. I was talking about this over dinner with my parents recently and I said I was starting to wonder if he has ADD or something. My Dad's response "He's a two year old boy. They all have ADD." Wise words Dad.

The other night Dan asked Payne where Baby Sister is, and Payne answered "Unner Mommy's tee-shirt!". Heh heh.

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  1. Ha! Love it. We put Asher in a swim class, it is only 25 minutes in the morning but he is so tired afterwards! He has a snack and by mid afternoon he tells me he's tired.