Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bed Head

I suppose every moment of every day involves bed head when you're an infant.

I do think my kid sort of takes the cake on the concept though:

What do you think we've got there? Like an inch of scalp to tips clearance?

Haaaaa ha ha!:

I should retire "Beaker" and start calling her "Sonic".

Payne helped me put this old toy together. He will use any excuse to get the "skoowiber" out of the junk drawer that he is expressly prohibited from sifting through. After Evie was in the rotating bouncer/hammock thingie he went around the perimeter of it and pretended to tighten all of the visible screws.

The victor brandishes his trophy:

Contrary to the present optical illusion, the baby does indeed possess a torso.

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