Sunday, November 20, 2011


Today was educational in a way.

A good single friend of mine came into town for the weekend and I really wanted to see her. We planned to meet for lunch on Saturday, but she didn't get into town until 12:30. I was all "Twelve thirty! People eat lunch that late?!". Heh heh. I couldn't do that with the kiddos, so she came by in the afternoon instead and we chatted a bit, but the kids napped through a good bit of her visit.

On Sunday I let her know to tell me if she had any lunch plans. By 11:00 (soooo late. Ha!) I decided she must not and I took Payne to McDonald's. She called while I was at McDonald's about lunch, so I scarfed my food and drove to meet her at a gigantic local mall where I could at least visit with her during her own lunch.

I remembered halfway there that I didn't have the stroller. Hmmm. Instead, I strapped Genevieve into the Baby Bjorn (a very hip look) and trekked through the mall as Payne alternately jogged alarmingly ahead of me or lagged behind in my blind spot. We found her and I discover we're meeting a couple other people. Cool!

Other person #1 shows up and she is very nicely put together, and I come to find out a medical professional. My friend is a prosthetician (cool, right?). I, on the other hand, have baby legs dangling from my midriff.

We sit down at the restaurant and Other Person #1 asks me what my job is. I answer with "I don't work". I'm met with silence. In all reality, I guess that's sort of a "getting to know you" chit chat killer, especially when said while connecting another person to one's chest underneath a veritable tent with a dahlia print. Oops.

Other Person #2 shows up and is a very nice young professional male. The three proceed to chat about their jobs, the cool places in town to go eat, how my friend's date the night before went, etc... All I can come up with as far as conversation goes is how my baby woke up screaming the night before but calmed down after she farted.

So it was a little eye opening for me. I felt a little, I don't know, dowdy? These people were all extremely nice and my friend is great with my children, but at the moment I'm in an entirely different world than they are. I'll admit I'm jealous of their freedom. My friend went out to a nice dinner and a bar for drinks last night and I watched Blue's Clues.

For the rest of the time I was with them (sacrificing ideal small kid nap time, and sweating that I'd pay for my gamble all afternoon instead of enjoying the company) I listened and contributed where I could, as I caught endangered cups of juice and dug through my enormous bag in search of forms of amusement for an almost three year old. Then I changed two diapers and took my leave.

I feel decidedly un-cool this evening. (sigh)

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  1. Oh, Rachel. I can so relate. Sometimes I find myself wanting to tell people, "I used to be smart. Really!" I want to talk about things other than diapers or poop, but that's like 90% of my life right now. Hopefully someday I'll actually have something intelligent to add to a conversation again. :)