Monday, November 28, 2011

A little of this and that.

Genevieve is using the actual seat in the stroller now. Big day!

(Yes, her bib is for a boy, but the girl bibs were largely obnoxious; and she's Daddy's buddy too, damnit.)

She seems to like it. I feel a little weird with her strapped into the front of the land yaght stroller, like a floppy little baby figurehead. She just sort of dangles from the harness, but appears to be really comfy and is much more content that way. I must say it's improved my "driving", since the first thing to hit the door frame/clothes rack/pedestrian is the wee one's feet.

Payne got a dress up box for his birthday, so we're going to play a little game!

Guess that costume!

Silver gum drop? Nope, my brother in law already threw that one out and was corrected.

Robot hula dancer? Newp.

Unfortunate but employed corner flyer distributor? Uh uh.

He's a "wocket sip", of course.

Maybe you'll have better luck with this one:

A dragon you say? Well, you'd be wrong!

This, my friends, according to the manufacturers is a "Tyrannosaurus".


(Tilts head)

(References Vertebrate Paleontology textbook)

Um...nice wings Mr. Rex. It's amazing no one ever noticed those (or the horns) amongst your various fossil specimens.

Fortunately Payne can't read, so he's just stuck to being a "Gwagon".

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