Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

We decided to revisit a pumpkin patch in town that we'd discovered the year before with our friends.

We decided to go at noon the day before Halloween.

Payne and J.P. on the very exciting wagon ride...nearly comatose.

Skipping naps might not have been my best decision ever.

Once we got out to the Pumpkin field another error in judgement was revealed. So far I thought we'd gotten away with a late visit. The crowds were bearable, which was surprising. However, the pumpkins were...aging.

They do not age gracefully. They age fragrantly.

"Hey Ma. What am I supposed to do in a field full of rotting pumpkins?"

"I shall kick them!"

"Oh look J.P. ! Garbage! Let's play with it!"

"Now we shall roll pumpkins with vigour!"

What wasn't caught on film, was Payne stepping in a pumpkin puddle and covering his sneaker in pumpkin goop. Goop which made my car smell like decaying gourd the whole 45 minute ride home.

I picture J.P. celebrating here:

"Hurrah! We get to go home!"

Sooooo it wasn't an ideal trip, but we did find a good pumpkin and I think the boys had fun between bouts of exhaustion induced hysteria.

This is what Dan turned our pumpkin into:

Because he's just that awesome.

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