Monday, January 16, 2012

Babies can be a little creepy too.

Remember my occasional example of Payne weirding me out a little bit? Well, Genevieve has managed to pull this off as well, as not even six months old. She must be advanced...

It's 4a.m., and I'm up giving her a bottle (no, she still doesn't sleep through the night and all efforts to influence her to do so are promptly and SOUNDLY punished). As I burp her she is relaxed like a little rag doll on my shoulder and I assume she's back asleep. Then, I feel her tiny cold hand run up my upper arm and start furiously grabbing/scratching at it. Feeling this in the dark, without seeing it especially, sort of makes one imagine there is a very large insect scrambling around on one's body. (shiver)

So yes, that was a little creepy.

And then she moved on to amusing. I avoid eye contact with her in the middle of the night, because "they" say it will help babies understand that night time is for sleeping, not playing. So I'm staring off into the distance as she flops her head around on my shoulder and chatters to herself (not a good sign that she'll be going back to sleep) and then she starts leaning her body away from me and tilting her head waaaaaay back to try and make eye contact with me. I would see this little set of eyeballs slowly come into my line of vision, sort of saying "Oh Hiiiiiii!", and then she would flop back, regroup, and try again. It sort of had the visual effect of someone jumping up and down to look in a window, their eyes making brief appearances over the edge of the sill. Let me tell you, it was incredibly hard not to chuckle or look at her. Damn charming babies....

Then she laid awake in her bed whining/talking to herself for another half hour. Not so charming at 4:30a.m. Ha.

In other news, Payne wants everyone to know that Pachyderms deserve proper safety equipment too:

Sure, it looks like a toddler seat, but actually this is a horse trailer sized carseat which has been installed in an aircraft carrier. Yep.

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