Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Low

I own this.

I own something that actually says " The snot sucker" on the label.

I suck snot out of my child. SUCK snot.

Backing up, I heard about these when Payne was an older baby, and laughed (while gagging). Who would own one of these? That's so disgusting!

My sister sent me a link to them right before I had Genevieve. She thought they were a great idea. I told her there was no freaking way I was going to put something in my mouth that was attached to my kid's nose and actually inhale.

Then Genevieve got sick and the squeezy bulb thing was making her nose raw. Guess who promptly ran to Whole Foods (I find it hilarious that Whole Foods is the only grocery store that carries them) and paid EIGHTEEN DOLLARS for this evil little piece of plastic? Me, of course.

And guys, using it is awesome and horrifying and immensely satisfying, all at once.

However, you have my full permission to shoot me if you ever see me whip this puppy out in public. That would have to be my personal maternal rock bottom.

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