Sunday, January 22, 2012


I managed to get Genevieve's hair in pig tails without ripping it all out.

I think I literally broke a sweat in the process.

They're both so cute in such completely different ways. Deep thoughts...

Payne wanted in on the action, so I snapped a photo of him and it turned out awesome:

(notice the marked lack of t.v. reflection glow on his face)

which is interesting considering I looked at him directly afterwards and realized he'd stripped completely from the waist down...

Also, we're starting to get more true personality out of the girlie. She has developed a favorite toy.

It's not her purse shaped rattle, or her pink hairbrush, or her plush baby doll.

It's her brother's dump truck.

Yer damn skippy.

She pulls on the bed until it flops back, then lets go and squeals and flails her chubby arms and laughs as it flops forward again.

Kids are just...exhilarating, at times.

I'm so very lucky.

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