Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This has to be hitting a peak...

I cannot possibly need to pack any more crap in order to be away from my home for more than an hour.

I think right now we're in a sort of perfect storm of equipment necessity, given the developmental situations of both of my kids and the time of year. It can't get much worse, or my back is going to give out.

I pack:

-Diapers for Payne
-Underwear for Payne
-A change of clothes for Payne
-A jacket for Payne
-Payne's sippy cup
-Payne's provisions in the form of snacks
-Payne's potty seat (yes, I CARRY AROUND a collapsible potty seat. Gross)
-Bug spray wipe things in case we encounter mosquitoes
-At least two bibs
-A burp cloth
-Formula dispenser
-A bottle and insulated case
-At least two, ideally five, diapers for the baby
-Two changes of clothes for Genevieve
-Baby food
-A small blanket to lay out on the floor in public, or tuck behind her in a high chair, or use in lieu of a coat
-Baby wipes. LOTS of baby wipes.
-My wallet
-My cell phone
-My keys
-A few matchbox cars
-A baby toy
-A zip lock bag

Now, I know some of this stuff isn't completely necessary, but my bag packed full of supplies for many potential difficult situations has become a sort of security item for me. Some of my other Mom friends get by quite well with packing very little and just being creative when difficulties arise. I can't do that. I freeze under pressure. Heh. My enormous bag makes me feel safe that I can handle whatever comes up.

In fact, I take a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction in completing the packing of my bag. I huff a little sigh of self congratulation when the task is complete. I like is so much, that I get sort of irritated when I have to use it. Once I have to use a spare outfit or something, then my bag is no longer complete. I am no longer optimally prepared, dang it! This is probably my biggest waste of energy, considering the bag is usually half gutted at the end of any outing. I'm aware this makes me completely insane. Even my friends in similar life situations get a slightly concerned look on their faces when I explain my diaper bag psychosis.

I do manage to push the annoyance at the plundering of my stash aside, and enjoy letting my kids have a little fun though. I promise!

Photographic evidence:

Please overlook the apparent strangulation of our favorite snuggly swine, and focus on the fact that Payne OFFERED Piggy to Genevieve! He is so sweet to her.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better...


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  1. I'm usually lucky if I just remember the diaper bag period. I always hoped that I would grow into a prepared, diaper-bag-loaded-for-every-possible-circumstance mom, but 4 babies in and I still find myself stuck places with only wipes or only diapers. I'd be happy to borrow your diaper bag psychosis for a while!

    And, what a sweet big brother! Those brief instances of sibling love are what keep me sane!