Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kids these days...

-Recently, Dan was talking to Payne about Halloween and was trying to give Payne an idea as to how far away it was.  Dan said "You have to go to school six times."

Payne's response?

"Dat's not nice to say dat word, Daddy."


-Genevieve is a thief.  She has taken to sneaking into the pantry whenever possible, and nabbing a coffee creamer cup out of the giant box of them we keep on hand. Then she wanders away (to a carpeted area of course) and bites the cup until she breaks the seal, so she can slurp out the creamer.

I generally figure out that she's done this afterwards, based on her general level of stickyness and the fact that she smells like an oreo on steroids.

She did it twice just yesterday.


HOWEVER, my children have also both managed to melt my heart this week:

- Payne was leading Genevieve by the hand through the living room and I heard him tell her "Here you go, widdle wady (little lady)".


- Genevieve came up with her first two word phrase a couple of days ago.

It's "Nigh nigh dah-dee".

I think she just secured ice sculptures for her wedding day.  "Dah-dee" is toast.

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