Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch #2

We ended up going to our traditional pumpkin patch on a weekday this year, without my photographer (erm, husband).
This place is more like a fall amusement park than a pumpkin patch.
"Homemade rolly sliiiiiiide!"
"Well, we've been here for about 10 minutes. Time for a snack."
Genevieve engaged in some petty theft while we waited for the wagon ride.
Payne amused himself with a bench.
Genevieve was angry with me.
Payne was still deciding if he was angry with me or not.
So apparently you get a free baby pumpkin during the week. However, week dayers are not allowed access to the full size produce patch, so no cute photo op. I am sad.
Genevieve crouches, preparing to go in for the kill...
Payne: "Now what we have here is a less common, white variety..."
Genevieve: "I got him! With my cat-like reflexes he never stood a chance."
Clearly thrilled.
Payne also clearly thrilled.
And we're done here.

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