Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Well I WAS GOING to present you with funny photos,

but for two days now blogger has been rejecting my attempts at uploading them.

I'll admit I'm more annoyed by this than I should be.

I suppose for now I'll just have to tell you some funny stuff that Payne said.

- The other night at dinner, we set down a bowl of Edamame in the shell in front of Payne.  He responded enthusiastically with "Beans!".  We were all "Yeah, they're called Edamame".  He corrected us "No, it's beans in dehr homes."

Well duh.

This is probably a good place to reveal that, when presented with sugar snap peas, Payne will methodically peel them apart, remove the teeeny "beans" inside, and eat them with relish.  He discards the shells, of course.

- I was giving the kids a bath and Payne was getting increasingly irritated that the bath toys were floating into him.  He eventually yelled out "My toys are tagging me!". Heh heh.

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