Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The first pumpkin patch.

We are all about the fall festivities here people. Houston gets a leeeetle manic, actually.

Personally, I think it's because October is the month where our burden of 100 degree highs is lifted (only a high of 90 today. Hurrah!). All of my fellow Houstonians rush outside to scamper about in relative comfort.  There are tons of festivals, pumpkin patches, zoo boo, halloween carnivals, church fundraisers, and county fairs.

So today we did the small pumpkin patch. The big pumpkin patch will be this weekend. And yes, there will be a different set of coordinating (coughmatchingcough) outfits. I know you'll be waiting with bated breath.

Let's consider this the "getting our feet wet" pumpkin patch, where we're learning protocol for the more serious arena....

"So, ok. A yard full of vegetables. What do you want me to do exactly, Ma?"
"Ooh, G. We could smoosh them!"
(G stares on in a calculating manner)
(insert arm flailing and yelling on the part of the photographer)
"Orrrr we could use them as an obstacle course!"
Genevieve resigned herself to some light conditioning. Maybe next year.
"Oh wait, Payne. I think I figured it out...."
"Uuuuungh! Hmmmmmph!"
"I caught one! The damned gourd was fast, but I was faster."
"Let's pose with our kills..."
"And now, we eat."

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  1. My goodness Genevieve's hair has grown! We need to get together soon before she starts talking in complete sentences!