Thursday, October 4, 2012

Things I have accomplished today:

- Succesfully taught Genevieve to make the "It's good!" arm gesture every time she gets a giant plastic coin into the slot on her giant plastic piggy bank.

- Recorded this for posterity:

Poor Creepy Tiger Baby.
So every morning at some point Genevieve wanders back into her room.  She notices Creepy Tiger Baby.  She wants Creepy Tiger Baby.  She reaches through the bars and grabs him. She yanks.  She fails to accept the realities presented within the science of Physics.  Creepy Tiger Baby is now hung by his exceptionally large plastic head.  There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth (on the part of Genevieve, although I'm sure if CTB...can I call him CTB?... had vocal chords and the powers of animation then he would join in).  I then save Creepy Tiger Baby from his inhumane circumstances.  There is much rejoicing, which mostly manifests itself in gleeful drooling all over Creepy Tiger Baby's face.
That's pretty much it for today.
OH! But yesterday I managed to keep a straight face when Payne presented me with his 50s finned matchbox car and said "You see my car? It's called Horny. Dat's he's name.".
I think my work is done here.

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