Saturday, November 10, 2012


I love that they're old enough to play (and fight) together now.

Dress up is huge around here. Payne is very invested in Genevieve having a costume.
(Notice the dragon cap can't be fastened under the chin anymore, and Mr. Dragon totally has a bit of a perma-wedgie these days. His "feet" also hover several inches above the floor. I can tell you that I will be made to RUE the DAY that I get rid of that costume, though.)
Playing Various Beasts of Prey in the car: 
Not sure who's the beast and who's the prey over on Genevieve's side, there.
They were both "Rhhoooaaaarrrrh"ing at me today.  Genevieve makes an excellent roar.  I suppose one on one instruction in "Terrifying Noises: A Broad Range Study" is a definite benefit to having an older brother. 
Yes, her shark was going something like "wwwwhhhoooooaaaaarrrrGGGHHH" on the way to the grocery store.  It was a little creepy. I like my sharks appropriately silent.

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